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The rainy season is coming, this rainy day electrical appliance guide will let you spend the summer

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Recently, Henan and Hebei have experienced heavy rainfall, which has caused floods in many areas. According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, it is expected that from 08:00 on July 22 to 08:00 on July 23, there will still be heavy rain in parts of southwestern Hebei, northwestern Henan, southwestern Guangxi, and Leizhou Peninsula in Guangdong. In the face of sudden torrential rains and floods, in addition to avoiding going out as much as possible, the safety of electricity at home should also be paid attention to.

   Continuous rainy weather increases the humidity of the air and gradually reduces people's vigilance against fires. People do not know that humid rainy weather is the high incidence of electrical fires. Household appliances are inseparable from the life of modern people, and the improper household appliances in the rain can easily cause fires, electric shocks and other dangers. There are three reasons for fires in rainy days: first: electrical appliances "re-humidity" turn on the current to easily cause fires; second: aging of old home appliances lines, affected by humid air, easy to cause fires; third: high-load electricity and thunderstorm weather Failure to turn off the power in time can also cause a fire.

   In the face of the high incidence of electrical fires on rainy days, how to use it correctly, do the following:

  Electrical appliances are often energized, which prolongs the life and is safer. Household appliances that are not commonly used at home should also be turned on regularly for a period of time, and use the heat generated after the electrical appliances are energized to dehumidify the interior of the electrical appliances, so as to avoid long-term idle and rashly turning on the power to cause electric ignition and cause fires. For example, televisions, air conditioners, computers and other electrical appliances can be turned on for 2-3 hours a day, which not only prevents fires, but also prolongs the service life of electrical appliances.

   Check if the electrical appliance encounters water first, do not switch on or off rashly. For electrical appliances that are easy to be soaked by rain, such as electrical appliances on the balcony, protective measures such as migration or overhead should be taken. In humid, high temperature, and corrosive places, casing wiring should be used to avoid leakage. The heavy rain in Zhengzhou caused floods. Many home appliances were soaked in water. These home appliances that have been soaked in water cannot be opened and used rashly. They must be thoroughly tested to eliminate potential safety hazards before they can be used. If there are any problems, it is recommended to replace them directly. .

   The plug-in board should be inserted firmly, and the contact is bad and it is easy to leak. When using electrical appliances, the socket on the power strip must be plugged firmly. If it is not plugged tightly, it will create conditions for arc generation. If there are any more combustibles around, the probability of fire will greatly increase. When using electrical appliances, if the power plug in the home has poor contact, it is likely to be caused by humid air, which is prone to leakage, open circuit, and ignition. At this time, disconnect the power supply and handle it properly.


   Don't use high load for electricity, and remember to cut off the electricity when you go out. Simultaneous operation of multiple electrical appliances during a thunderstorm is also regarded as a taboo. High-load power consumption and random connection of power sources are very likely to bring fire risks. In addition, it is important to note that before using the electricity and before going out, you must ensure that the power of the electrical appliances is turned off to avoid the risk of fire and leakage. Even if it is not rainy, I hope you can keep this in mind.

   Line inspection is indispensable, and home appliances are aging and replaced in time. In the rainy season, a major inspection of home appliances and wiring is indispensable. Timely replacement of aging wires and appliances and avoiding the running of old appliances can prevent problems before they occur. Now major retail companies represented by all support the home appliance trade-in service. Old home appliances are directly deducted from cash. It is recommended to trade in all old home appliances that are more than five years old to ensure their own safety!

  Okay, today’s rainy day electrical appliances use fire protection science is here, I hope all friends can pay attention to the rainy day electrical safety issues, and have a good summer!

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