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The four technical indicators for buying an air purifier.air humidifier manufacture

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  Before you buy an air purifier, you must learn the knowledge of it in advance to avoid being fooled.

  The four technical indicators for buying an air purifier

  1. the most important CADR

  The Cadr (clean air delivery rate) clean air output ratio is believed to be familiar to those who have known about the air purifier. It is also the international authoritative data to measure the air purification capacity of purifier products. Specifically, CADR value represents the volume of purified air per unit time.

  2. CCM for formaldehyde removal

  CCM (cumulate clean mass) cumulative purification capacity, specifically, refers to the parameters of the cumulative purification capacity of the air purifier for target pollutants such as particulate matter and gaseous pollutants under rated state and specified test conditions.

  3. noise acceptance

  Noise is an inevitable problem for all filter purifiers. The greater the air volume, the greater the noise. Even though the manufacturers will use various sound absorption or sound insulation methods, once the air purifier is turned on, including the fresh air system, it will still add a buzzing background sound to the home.

  4. Filter screen grade

  The purification effect varies greatly with different filter screen grades.

  From H11 (filtration efficiency >98%) to H13 (filtration efficiency >99.97%), with the same Cadr value (described below), the purifier with H13 filter screen can reduce the pollutant concentration faster, while H11 filter screen takes longer.

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