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The humidifier does not produce fog.aroma diffuser Manufacturing

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  Reason 1: The humidifier atomizer blade has malfunctioned

  Solution: Open the bottom cover and check if the fuse is blown. If the fuse is good, try adjusting the potentiometer on the circuit board, turning it clockwise for a quarter turn, and then try again. If it still doesn't work, consider replacing the atomizer. The atomization plate is usually a metal circular plate with a diameter of about 20-30 millimeters located directly under the nozzle of the humidifier. It should not be scraped with a hard object during processing. Once the metal coating falls off, the transducer will not work properly and the humidifier will not mist.

  Reason 2: The humidifier machine fan has malfunctioned

  Solution: If the fan is stuck due to not being used for too long, add some lubricating oil and gently pat twice to let the fan rotate again.

  Reason 3: The humidifier has been using tap water for a long time, resulting in the formation of water alkali on the oscillating plate

  Solution: Use household white vinegar with some salt to effectively dissolve water and alkali, but be careful not to use strong acids. You can also use a small bristled brush and 60 degree warm water to clean scale.

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