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Indoor aromatherapy aroma diffuser system.aroma diffuser price

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A21 Aroma Diffuser

  Aromatherapy aroma diffuser system originated from aromatherapy, using the effect of aromatherapy essential oils to create a natural environment and play a large-scale aromatherapy environment. [1] The indoor aromatherapy aroma diffuser system originated abroad. By installing side-source diffuser equipment in the lobby, guest room, executive lounge and other areas of the hotel, it is generally installed in the central air-conditioning fresh air system and other hidden places that guests cannot see. Areas, the fragrance materials are generally pure plant essential oils or blended compound aromatic essential oils, which are spread through the air outlets of each area through the central air conditioner. Or light, set according to the distribution and drawings of the central air conditioner

  It uses pure natural plant essential oil aromatherapy products, adopts the most advanced two-fluid atomization technology in the world, and uses the principle of high-speed flow of compressed air to make essential oils into particles. Then use the ion high-speed rotary accelerator to separate the particles into nano-scale essential oil particles, so as to achieve the functions of sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, decomposition of second-hand smoke, etc. It can be used in entertainment places such as KTV and bars to eliminate various odors in the air. The aroma of essential oils creates an elegant and fresh atmosphere. It can also be used in offices, conference halls and other places to refresh the mind and improve work efficiency. This product is as small as the car space and as large as a hotel with tens of thousands of square meters. All can be used, giving people an unforgettable memory from the smell, thus playing a finishing touch in promoting the brand.

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