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How to choose an air purifier

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  There are many air purifiers on the market. When choosing, first look at whether the product's implementation standard is the new national standard, what the index parameters are, and whether the air purification effect is good or not. First, look at the two indicators of CADR and CMM.

  The new national standard is actually very simple, that is, it clarifies the four core indicators that affect the purification effect of air purifiers, namely CADR (clean air volume), CCM (cumulative purification volume), energy efficiency level and noise standard. Among them, the two most critical indicators are CADR (clean air volume) and CCM (cumulative purification volume). These two parameters measure the ability of an air purifier to purify air and the sustainability of its purification ability.

  When the CADR value is larger, it means that the purification ability of the air purifier is stronger, and the larger the CCM value is, the longer its filter life is. Simply put, the larger the values of these two parameters, the better the effect of the air purifier.

  Of course, the CADR value of the new national standard has already marked the CADR value of particulate matter and the CADR value of formaldehyde. If the chicken thief's business only has particulate matter without marking the formaldehyde value, and sells it as a formaldehyde removal machine. In this case, we should be careful.

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