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What kind of habits should we maintain when using an air purifier?

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  With our continuous attention to the living environment and the unremitting pursuit of the quality of life. Air purifiers have entered thousands of households. Then what follows is how to use it correctly, rationally use it, prolong the service life of the air purifier, etc. These are the knowledge we need to master. And a good habit will better improve our experience, so what kind of habits should we maintain?

  1. Clean the filter regularly

  Regularly (about a month) properly wipe and remove dust from the air outlet, air inlet and internal filter screen of the air purifier, which can prolong the service life of the filter screen and reduce the cost of consumables.

  2. Long-term power-on use

  Air purifier manufacturers need long-term and continuous use. Turn on the machine for 30 minutes with a large air volume to quickly filter the indoor air once, quickly improve the indoor air quality, and then adjust the air volume appropriately according to the air quality.

  3. Keep doors and windows closed

  Since the air purifier needs to be used in a closed environment, when using the air purifier, it is necessary to keep the doors and windows tightly closed. It should be noted that try not to close the doors and windows for a long time. You can do it when the outdoor air is better. Proper window opening for ventilation.

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