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Welcome to the website of Shenzhen Xin Huachang Technology Co.,Ltd

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Shenzhen Xin Huachang Technology Co.,Ltd established in 2012, is committed to designing, developing, producing, and selling high-quality creative small home appliance products. Main products: Aroma diffusers, Humidifers, Mini fans, Air purifier.......


In addition, We have own brands: NEXHC,FUSML, and provides OEM&ODM services.

More importantly, we have 10 years OEM&ODM experience and our factory have passed the audit of ISO and BSIC, complies with international requirements. CE,FCC,ROHS,UL,ETL and PSE Certification are complied with our products. Also We have more than 50 patents and we will keep to update.The persistence of the quality and professional of services make our products widely popular, and trusted in North America, Europe, Latin America, Japan, Korea and all over the world.


Welcome to visit our factory & looking forward to cooperate with your company !


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